Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Coming to a city near you!!!

Be on the look out for this symbol. You may find in anywhere. On a tree, on a statue, in the loo, (hey, that was those "across the pond" artist's idea), on a bench, in a park, in a store... you get the idea. A2A could be anywhere.

My first drops were in March, in Farmersville, Tx....

These drops were not reported... so either they weren't found, not appreciated, or they didn't like that fact that this art were prints. I prefer to believe they didn't have access to a computer.

My camera's batteries were dead so no photos of these 2 dropsites.

Next 4 drops were done May 29th and 30th.

This one at the Kroger Gas Pumps, at FM 544 & Shiloh, in Plano, TX

This one at Kirby Park, in Wylie, TX

Another drop in Wylie, TX. Downtown in front of "The Ole Back Porch" on a bench.

Last drop for May. Also in Wylie, TX. Downtown in front of "Davis & Co" taped to a charming little purple table.

Check out this awesome international movement of Artists Sharing their Art with the world. A2A site

Happy Hunting. I hope you find a wonderful "free" piece of ART in your city, town or village real soon.

If you do find an A2A piece of art be sure to report your find on the website. Us, Artists really like to know that our ART was found.

On a personal note, after an almost 3 month hiatus, (March, April, May). I am back in my "cube" studio creating more ACEO's to post here and on eBay for sale. Keep checking in.

Update: On becoming a full time Artist in 2006... it's getting closer to being a reality. I am getting lots of interest in the land I have for sale. Studio should be finally really by the end of June. Keep me in your prayers, please.