Sunday, October 23, 2005

It's sure been a long week

I made it to work everyday, but Tuesday. I was just plain worn out from all the walking , with a walker, that is hard work I tell you. Plus I pulled a muscle or whatever in the middle of my back on my third trip to the Ladies Room, 4 floors down, as the building management chose to tear up and redo our 5th floor one, 2 weeks before we moved to our new building. Jerks!!! Anyway, I ended up having to use the wheelchair to get back and forth to the Ladies Room and walker walked everywhere else for the rest of the week.

On Tuesday afternoon I created 2 more ACEO's...

This one was for "theme week" What I am afraid of"


I am really not afraid of spiders, well, those fast brown ones I don't like. I am really afraid of rodents... rats, mice... EEeeeeCKKK!!! But I am so afraid of them I can't draw them either. Can we say phobia?

I didn't get it listed on eBay though. By the time I finished it and the other my daughter was home.... dinner, a chat, and a pain pill left me ready for a evening nap.

Right, those pain pills knock me out. SO I didn't wake up until minutes before the cut off time for posting "Theme week" ACEO's and it takes me forever to post a listing. Hopefully, I will be faster today when I list this one.


Isn't he the cutest thing! This one will be hard to part with. I really like scarecrows.

If you want to keep an eye on my eBay listings here is the link.

We moved in to our new building Friday. It is awesome. Today, I am going to go buy a few small art supplies to keep there in my drawer so I don't have to lug things in and out everyday.

Yes, I am fortunate to work at a place where I can draw/color while I wait for calls. This is where I "color" all my stamped greeting cards and Christmas cards. Now, I plan on doing ACEO's there as well. Except for any watercoloring. I think that is where the boss would draw the line.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Where Have I Been????

Spending a whole lot of time in the Doctor's Office. I am now happily recovering from knee surgery, not a replacement.

I did alot of sketching in a small spiral notebook. On a forum somewhere, probably on yahoo I stated that I had not used a lined notebook before and didn't know if I would like to sketch with all those lines. Well since I was spending so much time in waitng rooms and only had a lined notebook and a ink pen. I thought what the heck...

Left side of SketchbookRight side of Sketchbook

As always click on photos to enlarge.

Here is a close up of the Doc's Office... didn't matter which side of the hall you are on the office stays the same, just switched/flipped, as in a mirror image... right down to the soap dispensers.

Docs Office

I have also been lurking in eBay in the ACEO group. Art Cards, Editions, and Originals... I have bought 3 now and I am addicted.

I am listing my first one today.

It is only 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. Check it out and check out all the other artists that do these incredible mini pieces. Search for ACEO.

Looking forward to getting back to participating in Illo Friday, EDM, and Studio Friday. I have missed y'all.