Sunday, October 23, 2005

It's sure been a long week

I made it to work everyday, but Tuesday. I was just plain worn out from all the walking , with a walker, that is hard work I tell you. Plus I pulled a muscle or whatever in the middle of my back on my third trip to the Ladies Room, 4 floors down, as the building management chose to tear up and redo our 5th floor one, 2 weeks before we moved to our new building. Jerks!!! Anyway, I ended up having to use the wheelchair to get back and forth to the Ladies Room and walker walked everywhere else for the rest of the week.

On Tuesday afternoon I created 2 more ACEO's...

This one was for "theme week" What I am afraid of"


I am really not afraid of spiders, well, those fast brown ones I don't like. I am really afraid of rodents... rats, mice... EEeeeeCKKK!!! But I am so afraid of them I can't draw them either. Can we say phobia?

I didn't get it listed on eBay though. By the time I finished it and the other my daughter was home.... dinner, a chat, and a pain pill left me ready for a evening nap.

Right, those pain pills knock me out. SO I didn't wake up until minutes before the cut off time for posting "Theme week" ACEO's and it takes me forever to post a listing. Hopefully, I will be faster today when I list this one.


Isn't he the cutest thing! This one will be hard to part with. I really like scarecrows.

If you want to keep an eye on my eBay listings here is the link.

We moved in to our new building Friday. It is awesome. Today, I am going to go buy a few small art supplies to keep there in my drawer so I don't have to lug things in and out everyday.

Yes, I am fortunate to work at a place where I can draw/color while I wait for calls. This is where I "color" all my stamped greeting cards and Christmas cards. Now, I plan on doing ACEO's there as well. Except for any watercoloring. I think that is where the boss would draw the line.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Southern Wench said...

Those are great...although the spider even though is a great drawing makes my skin crawl! Lmao And I think you are talking about wolf spiders. They get huge, and they are fast. We have a lot in this house, they always seem to aim right for me.
Ya ever see someone with a broke back run really, really fast? lmao

Dawn said...

Hi Tam. I will keep spiders on paper. I have a rodent phobia. I can handle spiders!