Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Wow, I can't believe I have been gone for so long. I apologize for not posting. I have been really sick. I got the upper respiratory flu in early January, then a stomach thing that we are passing around the office, then bronchitis, which I am still fighting. I missed 60 hours of my vacation time and those are just the hours I took, missed a few more! And I even I had flu shot!

Seems like this "crap" is all across the country. I hope y'all have been well. I couldn't believe all the comments. apparently my email notification is screwed up. Thank you all for caring. Theresa, I was even sick on my birthday!

Lots of catching up to do in blog reading and in posting. Hopefully, I'll get to that this weekend.

Till then have a great day filled with Love and Chocolate!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Wishing You All

May you be healthy, creative and prosperous.

My New Year Resolutions for 2008 are live more "green", it's more than a bit scary to think the polar ice cap could be gone in just a few years, eat more salads, buy locally if possible, move more while at work, sitting on my butt 10 hours multiplied by 9 years is not a good thing, get up everything hour or so, and the perpetual yearly resolution LOSE WEIGHT instead of finding it.

PS. Image in this post and those of the Merry Christmas post are copyright free, public domain images. I did tweak them a bit, brighten them up some. I belong to a PD image posting group on flickr. So you are welcome to snag these images tagged copyright free for yourself. My art however retains my copyright.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

IF: Horizon (and Backwards)

ACEO 2.5 x 3.5 inches
color pencil
bristol board 100 lb

My favorite horizon, even though I was born and raised in Iowa. Now living near Dallas with the Gulf about a 4-5 hour drive. I love the sea.

I missed last week even though I did a quick sketch.

In Iowa we have gates, lots and lots of gates. Panel gates, aluminum gates, even wooden gates.

In Texas, at least the areas where I helped work cattle, rodeo stock, and when we were on the dairy, there are lots of gaps... strands of barb wire, twisted around a bois d arc post, then you pull it tight and secure the top and bottom with a baling wire hoop.

Gaps are a pain in the butt and backwards!

Gate vs Gap
blue ink pen
scratch pad

For more illos

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday Sightings

Christmas Wagon

Here's the wagon all decked out for Christmas. This wagon sets in front of a railroad depot converted to a Dentist's office. They decorate the wagon for each season.

Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

And the Winner of Giveaway #3

A Woman who is In a Garden Check out her Holiday Home Tour, too! A beautiful home!


Thank you to all who commented and entered my Holiday Home Tour Giveaway! More giveaways coming up in 2008!

Monday, December 17, 2007

2007 Holiday Home Tour & My 3rd Giveaway

Follow your guide, BooMama, for the 2007 Holiday Home Tour.

Welcome to my home.

Snowman Welcome

Snowman w sled

Gingerbread 85 ManGingerbread 85 girl

I collect Snowman.
Occasionally a non Snowman will find it's way into my Christmas Decor.

Gingerbread 85

I made this pair of Gingerbread Peeps in 1985.

Snowman teapot



Angels for all seasons. The Christmas Angel is on the lower right.

Snowman Mantle left

Snowman Mantle Middle

Snowman Mantle right

Snowman pillow

Tree close up



christmas past

This photo and the one below are from Christmas two years ago

christmas past tree



hot cocoa or tea

Tea or Hot Cocoa?

kitchen snowman

If you would like to enter My 3rd Giveaway please leave a comment. This giveaway will end Wednesday, December 19, at 10pm CST

This Giveaway includes:

One Reindeer Gift Bag, featured in the "How To Make" this bag post

Reindeer Gift Bag 7

Three original ACEO/ATCs created by me.

Christmas Pointsettia

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Gift

And Chocolate! As featured in the Quick & Easy Gift post.

Teacher Gift 14

Thank you so much for stopping by my Holiday Home.

Enjoy your visits to the other homes on the tour. Please follow your guide, BooMama, to the next home.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday Sightings: Odd House Continued...Finally

Some of you may remember this house from this Saturday Sighting Post

firstnikonpics 010

Based on comments on that post I went back to take more photos so you could see the neighborhood.

I had been driving around looking for potential lakeside property. Texas only has one natural lake the rest are all man made. The Lake near me is man made. Instead of having million dollar homes with boat docks gracing it's shores. The Corp of Engineers owns and manages most of the shoreline. There are several public parks scattered here and there that go down to the water to allow access for swimming and boating. I do have more photos to give you an idea of what the majority of the homes look like surrounding the Corp property but for now I will continue the story of this interesting house.

My first glimpse of it was at this very sharp curve where I did come to a stop when I spied the gargoyle.

What the Heck?

Picture 029

Instead of turning to the left I continued forward. (at that time this mobile home on the corner had a bank foreclosure for sale sign in the yard)

Picture 030rz

Three stories, angles and doors everywhere. And no shingles.

Picture 031

Here is the neighbor on the right. (my Mom taught me if I couldn't say anything nice, shut up)

Picture 032

I am glad they were not home so I could pull into their driveway to take a few more pictures.

Picture 033

See that door up on the third floor? Matches the one on the other side. Some type of plastic sheeting flapping in the wind. No siding. Click to see larger photo if interested.

Picture 034

While I was leaving this little covert photography session the new neighbors, who apparently purchased the bank repo came outside.

The man walked to the center of the road with a gun in his hand.

A caulking gun. I stopped so he could ask me what I was doing. I told him my step dad was a hobbyist carpenter (he really is) and he had seen the photos I had taken a couple of weeks before and I came back out to take a few more since this house was such a carpenter's nightmare.

Did you think I was going to tell him .... I am soooo blogging this!

He did tell me the gentleman that lives there, yes, lives in a room in the back, is building this house in his spare time. He is single. That is all the info I got this trip.

I'll keep checking on his progress.

This is the view as I was going back the way I came. Yes, I was stopped in the road. Again. It's the country.

At the end of this very long dirt road should be the lake. No way was I going down there. By My Self.

Those signs say "enter at your own risk. The boogie man with the hook for a hand is down there".

Okay, the signs say something about no dumping.

Picture 036

I do wonder if he will be able to even see the lake from his third floor. With two doors up there I would imagine he is going to build some kind of deck. Original post is here for more photos

So y'all got any What the Heck houses near you?