Friday, June 10, 2005


Summer Fields

Submission for Illustration Friday: Summer

I didn't have time to do "digital" from last week and with my mom and aunt here I wouldn't have had time to do this week's "Summer" if I wouldn't have already had a summer type sketch done already.

As I drove home yesterday the farmers were harvesting the wheat fields already and the corn field across the road from the farm will be ready next month.

I have been in Texas 25 years and my "farm clock" is still off from the growing and harvest schedule of growing up in Iowa.

It always seems to soon!!


steve said...

Oh, rolling hills ! I luv rolling hills! Especially if I get to stand on a larger hill and look down at the gorgeous countryside.
Gives me chills !

Dawn said...

Lots of rolling hills in Iowa. Not so many where I live in Texas, although out by Blueridge, Texas the land in a little more rolling.

Thanks for the comment.

Joe said...

Hey Dawn, they don't have hills in Texas mountains every thing is big! Love your ill.!