Tuesday, December 27, 2005

So much shopping ....

and so little time. I got alot of gift cards this year! Yea!! However, since the weather is cooperating I am not shopping, but working on the studio.

We got alot done yesterday. All the to donate stuff out, swept the floor, laid down the "dumpster" rug... yes, we got a wonderful like new, 8x12, rug out of the dumpster where I work, shelves moved around, and more stuff tossed out.

Today, after a brief, at least I hope it will be brief, bout of food poisoning we will be sorting out books and getting them set up in bookcases.

I need a tattoo to remind me not to eat Chinese food, it doesn't like me....ever!

Photos later today!!! Of course, I again failed to take before photos.

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