Friday, May 20, 2005

IF: Aquatic

Submission for Illustration Friday
Just happened to have this one done.


Look at Doodle
Long enough...
Image emerges

Fun... easy to do at work. Coloring relieves tension, stress, etc. And keeps that side of the brain working.


Carolyn said...

Fun to look at! :c)

Dawn said...

Thanks, Carolyn. It passes the time at work to doodle and then color.

I will admit though I have started to manipulate some of the doodles to get what I want. :)

Aravis said...

This is wonderful. I love that it's abstract. Very cool!

Dawn said...

Thanks, aravisarwen. I have been doing several in this abstract doodling.

I think I may even paint one or two. Be sure to check out my album. More abstract doodles. I really like the one titled Mother and Child.