Monday, May 16, 2005

Time for Me

I have been spending a lot of time working on a girlfriend's site to help her get her business up and going... Anointed Jewelry

Today is her birthday.... So I put up a photoblog for her ~ Ginger Snaps

So Happy Birthday Ginger.

Today, I started on a colored pencil drawing for the illustration challenge called Nutrition for Illustration Friday. I probably won't finish it in time to post it before this Friday... Maybe.

I have found some absolutely awesome Colored Pencil Artists. I am rethinking Crayola versus the pro type of pencils. And I have a lot to learn about this medium. This site has alot of information, lessons, etc.

Of course I would have more time for drawing if I would stay off the computer.

I have been knitting scarves. Finished three since I posted on this blog.

I am aggravated with Polaroid. I bought a digital camera PDC 3035. Not only can I not get it to hook up with my computer neither can their tech support. It looks like it takes great photos but if I can't get them on my computer who cares... So I guess it is back to Target and a refund. I will try tech support again on Friday or Saturday as their offices closes before I get home from work on the other days. Sigh, I really took some great photos.

This is enough for now. I'm off to color for a bit.

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