Wednesday, December 05, 2007

eBay Auction "Cheese Cross" for Julian

Tis the season for Angels.

Michelle being one of them. In a hectic Monday morning a sign was given which sparked an idea.

An eBay Auction to raise funds for a family deserving of our help. Add the auction to your favorites. Email it to your friends. Post a link on your blog. If a grilled cheese sandwich can net $28K or whatever it was surely this can aspire to similar amount.

If you have no desire to own a cheese cross, but have the desire to contribute to the fund for Julian, Michelle has a donate button on her sidebar.

Julian's story is featured regularly on Dawn's blog "Because I Said So".

On a personal note: Be sure to sign up for my first blog giveaway! Comment on this post.
And I hope to resume posting daily...Soon...working 10 hour days is kicking my behind.

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