Thursday, December 13, 2007

USPS=thumbs up!! FedEx=thumbs down!

1st Giveaway Package mailed off to Emily... hopefully arriving tomorrow

1st giveaway

1st giveaway ready to mail

I sent it by USPS.

My Mom however decided to send my Christmas gifts by Fed Ex. Her first experience AND her last! My last, too!

I wouldn't use Fed Ex if They Paid Me!

Why you ask?

Mom had 2, count 'em t w o...two boxes sent from Iowa to Texas. They left Iowa early on Tuesday, December 4th. From Grinnell, to Ottumwa, to Moline,Ill, to Chicago,Ill, to Sherman,Tx with delivery scheduled for December 7th. ( go east to go southwest, no wonder Fed Ex charges so much)

Mom is real good at keeping track using the Fed Ex tracker thingie.

Fed Ex however is not so good at keeping track of the packages they are being paid to deliver.

Why you ask?

Neither box was delivered on Friday, December 7th...the driver made a note on the Fed Ex tracker thingie that boxes were NOT on his truck when delivery attempted.

Mom called to find out what was going on and was told to expect Delivery on Saturday, the 8th. Deliveries were made until 8pm. I won't tell you how many phone calls she made to find out that time, but I will tell you the last call she made at 8pm to tell them NO boxes were delivered they said delivery would be made on Tuesday, December 11th, as no ground deliveries were made on Monday.

Why you ask?

Only Air shipments delivered on Monday, no Ground shipments. Mom had paid $40.00 to send these 2 boxes. Fed Ex Ground Shipment

So we wait.

Tuesday night I arrive home to find 1, count 'em o n e, One package on my front porch. On my front porch per instructions appearing on address label.

Fed Ex Not


Drop off
Fell off
customer bought in

So I call Mom.

Who of course was all over and up to date on tracking my packages using her computer and the Fed Ex tracking thingie. Seems this particular package had been found in Allen, Tx, on December 7th, and been sent back to Sherman to be put back on a truck to be delivered Tuesday, December 11th. (good grief, the box was like 2-3 miles from me, Sherman is almost to Oklahoma)

Mom had no idea what was written on the outside of this box when she asked the Fed Ex rep how in the heck did a box that wasn't on the truck end up in Allen?

Did it walk there?

Well by now I am fairly sure you have figured out what we had by that time.

Boxes were on the truck when it left Sherman on Friday the 7th, boxes somehow fell off truck on Friday the 7th.

Good person in Allen finds one box and takes it to Fed Ex drop off place, who writes on box and sends it back to Sherman.

Bad person finds other box and keeps it. That box doesn't get entered back into Fed Ex tracking thingie.

No One can find that 2nd box, except the driver who, if you remember entered in the tracking thingie boxes weren't on truck, said he left this second box on my patio.

Sure. You did. Ha! Not!

First, why would you put box number 1 on front porch and then take box number 2, which also had instructions to be placed on front porch to the patio.

Second, I don't have a patio!

Mom had a nice long conversation with Tracking Dept. Supervisor during which she even said my daughter is so blogging this! Go Mom!! And the Supervisor without coming right out and saying so indicated these 2 packages weren't the only ones the Tracking Dept. was trying to track and he did say the driver was being investigated.

The original shipper in Grinnell refunded Mom's shipping costs and handled the reordering of what ever was in box #2 to be shipped directly from what ever company to me.

Let's hope the what ever company doesn't use Fed Ex.

**Thank you Good Person in Allen for doing the right thing! Many blessings to you!**
*FedEx Driver, I forgive you*


ELLIE said...

Thank God your mom is SUPREME at keeping track of what is going on...we have received MANY packages and I would say about 99% were delivered by UPS - GO BROWN - I love so nice - great customer service and they deliver when they say....we know our UPS guy on a first name basis...super nice!!!
I hope you get all your goodies...and hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend!!!

craziequeen said...

Hi Dawn, Michele sent me to say hello.

What a saga of misdelivery this is :-(

My friend told me Canadian post is terrible.
When I send stuff to Canada, it gets to mainland Canada and then it sort of stops.


Kari & Kijsa said...

We always us the good old USPS and they have been wonderful to us! Sorry to hear a story like that!

Merry Christmas blessings,

kari and kijsa

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness Dawn, first off I have to say THANK YOU FOR FINDING ME!!! Talk about one thing to brighten my day! And secondly, thanks for the post on FedEx. Amazing the things these people do to our packages. I hope you get whatever was in box 2 safely, the 2nd time around! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam said...

What was that Tom Hanks movie about the Fed Ex package??? Castaway??? Kind of gives it all new meaning now! You are kind for forgiving said Fed Ex driver :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

First off I’m truly sorry about all the bad things that have happened with your packages. Second it is important to say that I am not taking sides for either FedEx or UPS but I will state the facts as close as I can.

I have worked for both UPS and FedEx as a package handler. I am not a corporate executive or anyone that makes any decisions either way. My job is simple. I load trucks. Basically I pick up a box and set it down just to repeat the process a thousand or more times each night.

I do get a report before the start of each shift however that contains what we call misloads. This goes for both FedEx and UPS.

Though no misload is acceptable by any standard I would have to guess that the misload average for both companies is right about 2-3 packages for every 60,000 or 70,000 shipped.

When we have a bad experience with one company we all naturally turn to the alternative. We all do this, myself included. The reality of the story however is this. The difference between UPS and FedEx is the same as Fords and Chevys for car enthusiasts or Nikon and Canon for photographers. It all boils down to personal choice. Both have positive points and both have negative. But either way 2 out of every 60,000 customers will have a problem with both shippers each day and swear to never use the faulty shipper again.

In reality it is best to check prices since some FedEx packages will cost more to one destination and less to another and the same goes for UPS

As to the package falling off the truck! Well that one is new but I guess anything can happen. WOW!

Anonymous said...

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