Friday, December 14, 2007

Studio Friday: Festive Studio

This week's theme for Studio Friday is The Festive Studio.

" The holiday season is upon us...what is festive in your studio for the holiday season? What puts you in the holiday spirit?" -espialdesign

I am attempting to participate in each Studio Friday. Since I mainly create at work in my cube. This is about as festive as I am allowed to get.

SF. Decorations

A bit pathetic. Huh?

What puts me in the Holiday spirit is Christmas Music. I love Christmas Music. At Christmas time though, not in October.

For More Studio Friday Festive Studios

Oh well, come back on Monday when I will be joining in on BooMama's Holiday Home Tour. I have not decorated as much this year due to the farm being for sale but I thought it looked like fun.

Another giveaway coming up on Monday as well.

Update: My home is all decked out for the Holidays, come see.


Anonymous said...

I am sure your spirit decorates your cubicle with much festivity. Your profile on your blog is a wonderful, authentic snapshot of you.
jodi barone

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Thank you,Jodi!