Friday, November 16, 2007

Last Day of Autumn

At my house anyway. After tomorrow it will be looking a lot like Christmas!

Fall Decor Kitchen

This table will be moved to hold a four foot prelit Christmas tree.

Fireplace-Fall Decor

The mantel will be filled with Snowmen. This will be my first Thanksgiving with Christmas decorations!

Why? Cause NaNoWriMo !!!

I have friends coming to help me take down fall and put up Christmas. Call them my "pit crew". This way there is to be no stress as I head down the stretch next weekend to finish.

I'll decide tomorrow whether we eat turkey and all the fixings using fall decor place settings or Snowmen plates.

Fall table setting

Or Chinette paper plates!

( and More)

I usually don't win a thing, but I won this wonderful drawing by Nat Dickinson.

It is postcard size. He is giving one away each day this month as he does NaBloPoMo. Check it out, comment, and win yourself some Art.

Thanks, Nat. I love it!

(Yes, I know this part of my post looks exactly like what I posted yesterday. I did a copy and paste! Go visit Nat and win yourself some Art... except NOT the cake card. I want that one!)

NaNoWriMo word count: over 11,000

I know I'm way behind...that's why I will be spending my Thanksgiving break writing!

(edit: I changed the comment setting to NO pop up window, to difficult to go to blogs of commenters using that little window...thanks for visiting!)


PI said...

I love the tea-pot or is it coffee. One of these days I shall discover what NaNoWri Mo is. I don't envy you Thanksgiving AND Christmas but your rooms look charming. In the UK we just have Christmas which we shall spend with family in Sussex - our last with them before they leave to live in Australia so there may be a few tears:(
Michele says Hi!

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Hi Pi, thanks for the visit and the nice comments!

I won the cake postcard!

Bob-kat said...

It's far too early for me to be putting up my tree! I'm more of a traditionalist adn put it up pretty much just for the period of Christmas. I do love it though, Christmas decorations always make you feel good don't they? :)

Michele sent me over to say conratulations on winning the picture.

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Me too, Bob-kat! However I am hosting a party the first weekend in December so it was either this weekend or next.

And next weekend it's all about finishing my 50K word count.

Thanks for visiting!

Nat said...

One thing... though the name is certainly ambiguous, I'm a Nathaniel rather than a Natalie. (Of course when you image google Nat Dickinson you come up with some actress.) I'd be a really ugly girl too.

My wife say "Wylie? I know Wylie. Abilene was the big city to Wylie." She went to high school in Abilene.

David said...

here from michele,
so glad you have friends to help you get all the decorating done.
my house looks like... clean... and that is enough of an accomplishment for now.
I wish I had time to write ( sobs)


I am putting up at least some of the Christmas decor in the next few our Thanksgiving guests can see our tree as I don't know if they are coming for Christmas. :-)


Oh...Michelle sent me. :-)

montyandrosie said...

I am so far behind with my NaNo this year I despair. Too much to do, too little time. And now I need to find out what on earth NaNoBloMo is - I'm not sure I've got that right, even...

Got here from ebay aceo groups.

Susan Alison (ebay ID: noteworthycards)

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Hey, Nat.

I figured that out... of course it was after I had posted "she" on two posts! Oops. I think I had that corrected early Saturday morning!

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Hi David,

I only have time to write when I make myself and if I don't go off reading all these interesting blogs people have.. lol

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Hi butterfly!

We are night owls aren't we!

It is odd having Christmas decor out already though. Enjoy your company!

I'm going to play hermit this year and write!

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Susan, thank you for visiting I love your Art!!!

I will be placing your awesome blog on my blogroll as soon as I redo it ... in December!!

NaNoBloMo is posting everyday in November. I have a link in my sidebar to the Ning group.