Friday, November 30, 2007

Studio Friday: 7 Random Studio Facts

This week's topic for Friday November 23rd suggested by Robyn: THE RANDOM 7!

" 7 random facts/ studio habits. For example:
1. I cant begin my art until there is a a mug of hot coffee next to me and soft music playing in the background.
2. I have a good luck charm in my desk drawer. (It is a the third vertebra of a monkey or whatever)
It's just fun and some very unusual facts sometimes surface. We see lots of tagging but not studio oddities."

- Robyn

studio space
almost complete...Add work table, easels, stool, a couple of chairs

1) I have a studio!
2) It's a double garage converted into 2/3 part studio, 1/3 part library & my kiddo's hang out room. It has a propane wall heater, window AC, natural light from the North (and West)

3) I can't use my studio! Due to ALL the STUFF we (my kiddo and I) have stashed in there during our decluttering of the house in preparation to move when my farm sells.
4) Most of my "Arting" and "Crafting" materials are in my studio... Yep makes it hard to get to my materials due to ALL the STUFF in the way. (no way am I showing you a photo of that mess)

5) I believe all the Art on my Blog has been created while I am working at my real job!
Workplace Studio

6) Color pencils are a great portable medium. When I am ready to "color" in a sketch I select my colors then proceed to sharpen each pencil before I begin.

Picture 004Picture 003

7 useful tools
Seven must have tools, Sketchbook, sharpener, blender, eraser, and clips.

7) I do create "crafty" things at home, on my drafting table or dining room table. I have a corner in the great room with big desk to hold desktop computer, printer, scanner...drafting table and material table.

* the floor plan of the house I want to build or buy has a family/game room perfect for a studio. I want to paint one wall white,one pink/sorta fuchsia, one a golden yellow, and the wall with windows a turquoise.

NaNoWriMo Update: 38,456 words...didn't make it, but I had a wonderful afternoon and early evening with my daughter.


Raven said...

Wow, now I have studio envy, you've got a great looking studio! Thanks for visiting my studio as well. Raven

Anke said...

Hope you find your dream house soon, so will have your Studio space back :)

Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me to say that I love colored pencils and crayons too. Even though I'm not a paper or easel type artist, I like to play with colors on paper before I decide what colors to use in my quilts.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

OOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo makes my fingers itch!!!
It has been so long since I have stepped into my studio to do more than look for a supply request from one of my kids! :(

Rick said...

I jealous of your studio. I have a room at my house, but it is not NEARLY so well equiped.

Merry Christmas!!