Thursday, November 15, 2007

Photo Thursday: Portrait ( and More )


Portraits have never been my strong suit, but one Saturday morning a couple years ago my darling daughter plopped in the chair in my bedroom. So between the chatting and laughing... I starting snapping a few photos with my Polaroid P&S. So sweet, so innocent... she thought she should have had her "make up" on... I love her "bare" face.

The next two images are more of an actual representation of my usual portrait attempts!

Ranger and Sweetie
Daughter cooperates... Dog doesn't

Ranger and Sweetie
Dog cooperates... Daughter doesn't

( and More)

I usually don't win a thing, but I won this wonderful drawing by Nat Dickinson.

It is postcard size. He is giving one away each day this month as he does NaBloPoMo. Check it out, comment, and win yourself some Art.

Thanks, Nat. I love it!


Catherine said...

That top photo is wonderful - I like the way her denims tone in with the chair so well.
I'm popping over to see Nat's blog, too, now
Michele sent me

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Thanks for the visit, Catherine!

I hope you win some Art a Nat's blog!