Sunday, November 18, 2007

Studio Friday: Color Wheel

My color wheel is a Rectangle

This is my "test sheet" for color pencil, graphite, and micron pens

It was time for a new page to hold my WIP

WIP for Illo Friday

For more Color Wheels. Check out Studio Friday


I usually don't win a thing, but I won this wonderful drawing by Nat Dickinson.

It is postcard size. He is giving one away each day this month as he does NaBloPoMo. Check it out, comment, and win yourself some Art.

Thanks, Nat. I love it!

(Yes, I know this part of my post looks exactly like what I posted Thursday and Friday. I did a copy and paste! Go visit Nat and win yourself some Art... except NOT the cake card. I want that one! Woo hoo!!! I won the cake card!!!)

Oh and it's Nat as in Nathaniel, just so you don't think Nat is short for Natalie.

Edit: Martha Stewart's Mother passed away on Saturday


coconutannies said...

Ilike your entry for SF! I'm always amazed at how beautiful our scrap papers can be!

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Thank you!! Thanks for stopping by!!