Thursday, November 01, 2007

Third Attempt or I have lost my mind again!

It's time for National Novel Writing Month.
My first attempt was in 2004. I spent way too much time trying to edit. I think I ended up with around 28K words, but a great idea for a trilogy.

Tip: Don't edit. Just write.

In 2005 I found it difficult to set at my computer due to pain leftover from knee surgery. After sitting at work for a 10 hour day it was just to hard to sit at the desk at night. Completed about18K.

Now in 2006 I had a laptop... yippee!! Piece of cake right? Nope, just too much drama in my life to have a go... I might have done 5K. So I don't even count last year.

So hear I go again. New plot, different story all together.

Total words tonight: 1225

and it has nothing to do with "men in trees"


or "trees in men". A co-worker's costume for Halloween. He had the tree duct taped to his chest. The tree had a stuffed toy snake in the branches with apples tied in to complete the effect. All he was missing was Eve.

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